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About Us

First of all, welcome to Heritera. You’ve arrived at the right place if you’re looking for home decor and gifts that are designed and made in America, sourced and produced locally. You’ll find goods influenced by nature, mid-century style, art, architecture, literature and illustration. We simply can’t get enough of bold colors, clean lines and organic forms. Both style and quality are incredibly important to us and we want to share that with you.

Oh and did we mention plantsy things too?
Yes. I really did just say ‘plantsy.’ More on that later.

All puns aside, we're serious about what we offer when you shop with us.

So who’s behind Heritera?
It’s me, Henni. Nice to meet you!

After spending nearly a decade in digital design and branding in both ad tech and e-commerce industries, the time was right to start a business. I wanted to open a shop that brings value to customers that care about handmade quality products for the everyday. At Heritera, you’ll find the best of American-made goods created by makers that come from diverse backgrounds where their past lives continue to influence the design of their latest products. They live, breathe, and sleep design everyday.

In addition, we offer goods to help you live a greener, happier life. That’s where plants come back into the picture. If you like plants as much as we do, you’ve already discovered how rewarding indoor or outdoor gardening can be. Check out our Etchform porcelain vessel with air plant. The best part is that they grow wonderfully whether or not you have a green thumb. It’s super easy. No soil involved and you simply soak them once a week in water for about 20 minutes. That’s it!